New patient information:

Thank you for making an appointment to see Dr Paul Campbell. First appointments involve a consultation with

Dr Campbell, and in most cases, skin prick testing, for this reason we ask that you allow at least an hour for

your appointment.

What to do before your appointment:

For 3 days before your appointment please stop taking any antihistamine medication. This includes

allergy medications like Zyrtec, Claratyne, Telfast or Phenergan. It also includes over the counter medications

for sleeping, or medications that help with the symptoms of Cold or Flu, like Codral or Demazin. If you have any concerns about ceasing antihistamine medication please call us to discuss it.

Asthma medications, or other medications prescribed by your doctor should be continued as usual.

On the day of your appointment please avoid putting any cream, moisturisers or sun-screen on your forearms

(the skin between your wrists and your elbows). If the patient is a child under 3 years old please avoid creams,

sunscreens or lotions all over on the day of your appointment.

What to bring:

If the patient is a child under 5 years old, please bring their red Child Heath book (in NSW this book is blue).

Your Medicare card.

If you have a Friday appointment at our North Lakes clinic you can find further information below:

1st appt nth lks 2019.pdf

New South Wales patients:

If you are coming to see Dr Campbell from New South Wales you may be entitled to a travel subsidy. The NSW government offers an Isolated Patients Travel and Accomodation Subsidy (IPTAAS) to NSW residents who live more than 100km from the medical specialist they need to see. This subsidy is not means tested but some conditions do apply. You can find further information about IPTAAS here. Dr Campbell will be happy to provide you with a completed IPTAAS form at the time of your appointment upon request.