Information for Paediatric Patients:

Since reducing his clinic to one day a week Dr Paul Campbell has made the decision to stop seeing patients under 18 months old.  Where possible he is redirecting these patients to a paediatric immunologist, or to a practice where there is the support of a staff dietician.

Many very young patients require investigation for food allergies. Management of these allergies often requires patients being on a restricted diet when they are found to be allergic to certain foods. A paediatric immunologist, or a practice with a dietician on staff is able to offer patients and their families greater support to ensure optimal nutrition in these circumstances

While skin-prick testing for food allergy is a useful confirmatory test when suspicion of food allergy exists, many false positive test results occur, and in many cases correct diagnosis can only be achieved with an Oral Food Challenge. Furthermore, a large number of young children will outgrow their food allergies before they reach school age. Determining if a child has outgrown their food allergy often requires an oral food challenge. This is best done in a hospital-based setting for reasons of safety, and as such is not a service Dr Campbell is able to offer from his North Lakes clinic. Dr Campbell believes that centralising patient care with a doctor able to offer both ongoing dietary support and more comprehensive testing options for the future is best patient care.

A comprehensive and bulk billed service for children is available through the Queensland Children’s Hospital Immunology and Allergy Service. Referrals should include pathology results where available and should be directed to:

Immunology and Allergy Clinic
Level 3 (3c), Queensland Children’s Hospital, South Brisbane, 4101.

Alternatively, the following doctors offer private clinics and will see infant patients:

Dr Kim Robertson is a paediatric immunologist who sees patients at the Wesley Hospital (tel 07 3871 3224) and also works at Compass Immunology at Greenslopes Private Hospital (tel. 07 3847 3256)

Dr Alberto Pinzon-Charry is a paediatric immunologist who is part of the Paeds In A Pod paediatric practice at Woolloongabba (tel. 07 3177 2000).

Dr Mariana Melo is a paediatric immunologist who practices from QLD Children’s Lung & Sleep Specialists at Woolloongabba (tel. 07 3161 0377)

Compass Immunology is Brisbane’s largest Immunology practice and is based at Greenslopes Private Hospital. They have many Immunologists on staff as well as practice nurses and a dietician. They take paediatric patients and are able to offer food challenges where required. They also run a paediatric clinic Compass Kids which is based at Grange.  Referrals can be faxed to 07 3847 3257 or emailed to